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DIY Baseball Centerpieces

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Love how these baseball centerpieces turned out! I made them for my son’s baseball fundraising dinner.

This is what I used for this project:

  • Silhouette Cameo machine — I got the Silhouette machine as a gift from my husband and the boys one Christmas. I love my Silhouette!
  • Baseball player cut file — This is the design you open up in the Silhouette machine and use to cut from the card stock.
  • Black card stock — I used 60lb weight paper from Michael’s or you can order some from Amazon.
  • Balloon weights — You can get these at any party store or Dollar Tree. If you need to make a lot of centerpieces, I found out you can order these online from the Dollar Tree website and get them delivered free to your closest Dollar Tree store. You just have to pay attention to the delivery date before you hit the buy button to make sure it gets to you on time.
  • Tissue paper or napkins — I got yellow and black since those are our team colors. You can get these at any party store or Dollar Tree.
  • Double-sided tape — This is to adhere the silhouette to the balloon weight. The trick was to stick the baseball player cut-out directly on one of the wires sticking out of the balloon weight then used one of the silver stars (also on the weight) to cover the tape.
  • Mini rubber/Elastic bands — They are pretty small, in fact they remind me of those little bands you have to use for your braces. They are sometimes advertised as hair ties but can probably find these anywhere they sell office supplies too. I wrapped the tissue around the balloon weight and then used elastic bands to keep it together. It was much faster to do this than trying to tying a ribbon around each one!

First, I cut out the baseball player shape using my Silhouette cutting machine and black construction paper.

Then I layered two different colors of tissue paper, wrapped the balloon weight with the tissue paper and used an elastic tie to secure it.

Finally I used double-sided tape to attach the baseball player to one of the wires coming out of the balloon weight.

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